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Donation and Gift Policy

The trustees are grateful for any and all donations of any size that improve our wonderful library and enhance services to the community.

All gifts to the Library, whether of money or goods or services, will be acknowledged with a card of appreciation. If the donor has asked to be recognized in a more permanent fashion, the donor’s name and the donation will be posted in the Library for one month and on the Library website.

For gifts over $5,000.00, the donor’s name and donation will be placed permanently on a plaque prominently displayed in the library. If a donor has a specific request for recognition, s/he may meet with the Board of Trustees at a regularly-scheduled meeting for discussion.

Approved 6/18/2013

Gifts and Donations

  • Cheryle Feirick: donation toward furnishing the Meeting Room

  • Anonymous: donation toward furnishing the Meeting Room

  • Thomas Dodge: donation to “…further the vision of the Library”

  • The Jolly Roger Village Association: donation to purchase books for the Children’s Room

  • Anonymous: Donation to purchase books in honor of retired Library Assistant John Mingori

  • Magnetic Moon Fairs and Festivals: new shelves and new chairs in the Children’s Room

  • The Larry and Jackie Leavitt Estate: bequest provided the entertainment system (70-inch flatscreen TV and sound system) for the Meeting Room

  • Anonymous: donation toward a comfy “read to me” chair for the Children’s Room.

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