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October 12, 2021

Effingham NH Library Board of Trustees Public Meeting


In attendance: Grace Fuller, Anne Foley, Sue Regal, Jennifer Van Cor, Amanda Stevens. Sue Regal is sitting in for Pat Piper.


FEL Katie McCarthy

1.     Introduction of attendees, determination of quorum 

Meeting called to order 4:04 pm.


2.     Public comment 

Library newsletter put together by Trish Banks was sent to all Effingham residents for the first time.

3.     Friends of Library update

Lisa Gardner will be guest author at the October 20th Coffee Hour.

Discussion: Book sale table will be available. There is anticipation for a large crowd with potential arrangements for seating, microphone, etc. rain or shine.

Coffee hour.

Discussion: Grace has agreed to continue to organize the coffee hours until the end of the year, 2021. Sue and Grace suggested sharing baking and set-up and clean-up in future coffee hours.

 4.     Secretary report 

Discussion: no comment


Sue moved to approve public meeting minutes. Jen seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.


5.     Treasurer report 

Discussion: no comment


Jen moved to approve report. Grace seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.


6.     Library Director/Chair Report 


  • Time of Board of Trustees meetings


Grace moved to change the trustee meetings to 4:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Jen seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.

  • November BoT meeting will include a hearing for public feedback and a vote by library trustees on inclusion of CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) requirements in the library public computer use policy.

  • Safety and liability concerns regarding use of non-motorized vehicles in parking lot .


Jen moved to accept the Effingham Library Use Policy as amended. Grace seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.


7.     Old Business 


8.     New Business 


  • Window/shutter treatments

  • Second storage shed

  • Rolling bookshelves for children’s room

  • Furniture for reading area in main room

  • Computer chairs, tables, library table


Grace moved to request that the balance of unspent salary be moved to operating expenses. Anne seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.


9.  Adjourn 

Grace moved to adjourn BoT meeting at 5:16pm. Jen seconded. Motion accepted unanimously.


Next meeting @ November 9, 2021 @4:00pm.

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